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My career started out by studying with The Aubrey Willis School of Piano Tuning and Repair in 1977.  I then continued my studies with craftsman, Merrill Jackson, Philadelphia PA. After my schooling, I worked as an apprentice and was self-employed until 1983. In 1983, I was hired as the senior piano technician for a piano store based in Bethlehem, PA. I have been self-employed since 1990. I have continued my education and experience through the many classes offered by the Piano Technicians Guild.

As a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild, I had to pass three rigorous tests that measured my knowledge of pianos, tuning ability, and repair and regulation skills. This is the highest ranking in the Piano Technicians Guild.

The Yamaha Little Red School House Course in Los Angeles, CA. is by invitation only. I was honored to be selected to attend the course. This is a one week intensive training course that focuses on servicing Yamaha pianos.

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Bill Heiser, RPT about Bill Heiser RPT with LaRoy Edwards RPT director and instructor at the Yamaha Little Red School House 5-day seminar.


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